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Broken Pin Back Blues….

Broken Pin Back Blues….

Broken Pin Back Blues….

Ever have a brooch pin, old or new, that the just kept coming loose?  Maybe it even fell off – perhaps to be damaged or lost?   In the case of the parrot pin, I acquired it without an intact “C” clasp – it had sheared off somewhere in its history (since 1940s.)

Well, here are a couple easy, quick fixes that will enable you to enjoy that pin without worry.

1. Try to situate the pin so the hinge is higher than the clasp, so that simple gravity can help hold the pin in place;

2. Weave the pin shank in and out of the fabric a couple times to add friction so the pin doesn’t slip from the fabric easily;

3. Use a rubber from the wire of an earring (for pierced ears), a piece of rubber eraser, or even a small rubber band wrapped around the pin several times;

4. Or, use the lined tip from a stick pin or a tie clip/pin.

The longer the pin the brooch is equipped with, the easier it is to weave multiple times and even a couple pieces of rubber!

Also, there are many brooches that are missing their clasps and can be purchased at a much lower price if you are willing to try one of the steps listed above.

Final notes – some pins can have a new clasp soldered on if the metal is sterling or gold, but if they are made of pot metal or some other not-as-sturdy, or light weight metal, solder will likely fail.  A new pin back can be glued on (also, not always strong.)

And, someone who knows how to repair vintage pieces can adjust a “c” clasp or replace the spinner on a locking clasp.

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