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Creating the Blue Globe Ballerina

Creating the Blue Globe Ballerina


Often, I hear… “How do you create these?” I thought I’d give you my start to finish thought process in creating the Blue Globe Ballerina bracelet cuff…

Creating the Blue Globe Ballerina

Beginning with an art glass paper weight in shades of spun blue and white that to me looked like a spinning globe of clouds and ocean, I decided on a 2.5 inch wide brass cuff to accommodate it.  Then, using a black waxed twine as border for the cuff – I triple layered the twine on the rounded end

I then added a blindingly shining silver vintage rhinestone pin of a ballerina on
pointe. A vintage marble that looked to me like a mini version of the paper weight. I messed around with trying to mount the ballerina on top of it, but ultimately had
her on pointe on a flat white button.  The rings around the planet consist of a prong set rhinestone bangle, a twist of tiny faux pearls, and rhinestone trim from a 1920s dress. There are black domes of rhinestone studded buttons, as well as some other vintage buttons in shades of blue, white, silver, or black.

Adding Other Collections..

A pin of a cluster of stars and several star charms that were awarded to me for performing well in another occupation eons ago, as well as a not-so-old shiny silver ring with a fancy clear stone set as fine jewelry, Florentine finished blossom pin with rhinestone tipped stemen that tremble.

Creating the Blue Globe Ballerina

I constructed the bottom edges of the cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand steady, and if worn it will not bang or catch on things. In this case I used twin large flower buttons with rhinestone centers.

The dangle is a silver hand charm with a tiny rhinestone that echoed the beautiful
hands of the dancer. Triangular rhinestone set “Moose” organization pin, enameled Kiwanis tac, enameled shield & crest shield tac.

There are a variety of art glass beads, some were placed on their own.  Others are stacked on wire or a head pin with other seed beads and faux pearls. Finished with silver glass caviar paste and attached my EyeImpact by TM tag on the underside.

Ballerina Blue Globe Structural Art

$569.00 | MAKE IT YOURS!

This Show Piece is built on 2.5 inch wide brass cuff. It rises approximately 2.75 inches making the overall height 4.5 inches.  And 3.25 inches from edge-to-edge at the center top of the cuff.   It fits my 7.5 inch wrist and slides down towards to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits a 7-8 inch wrist.

Creating the Blue Globe BallerinaCreating the Blue Globe BallerinaCreating the Blue Globe Ballerina

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