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Vintage Marbles in My Art

Vintage Marbles in My Art

Vintage Marbles in My Art

One of the items present in nearly every piece of art I create is a marble… Why? 

Many of us played with marbles as toys when we were kids… not me; I didn’t want to crack, break, or mar them.  I just collected them!  I loved how tactile they were – smooth and cool – sometimes I’d just run my hand on top of them – a non-addictive, mild sedative.  


What makes a cateye marble a cats-eye is a bit controversial in the collector industry; the general consensus being the marble is made of clear glass with veins or stripes inside. 

Clearie or puries came in any colored glass and always made me think of a crystal ball – I just loved gazing into them and thinking about the universe looking like a marble in God’s eyes…. Pretty deep thought for a kid!


I have read several books about the production of, and collecting of marbles, but have to say, I’m not that knowledgeable about them and their value.  And since the collectibles market crashed awhile back, I am pretty sure I don’t have any of real value – even if I do, and use one in a creation, the glues I use would not harm them, so they remain intact.





And, to answer the obvious question – no, I haven’t lost my marbles – well, many of them anyway!


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