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Midnight Blue China Shard Art Couture Cuff


Blue palm depiction on porcelain – shard is bezel framed as a pin to wear, but I thought it more interesting as part of this couture assemblage.


The shape of the original cuff is unique and really fits wrists nicely – you decide which way it fits better!  The shard is mounted on a former blue rhinestone buckle, with a clear marble, faux sapphire earrings, a rectangular Florentine silver cufflink, old frosted satin beads with tiny cobalt seed pearls.  Lots of details, even peeking from beneath!


Then the cuff “wings” are covered with silver tone chains in a variety of types that lends to texture while maintaining color theme.  And, of course, there is a charming dangle.  Nearly 50 components went into its construction.

Blue is such a flattering color on nearly every skin tone, and I love how blues often blend well together.  I mean, don’t a pair of blue jeans ALWAYS work?!  Classic.

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It measures 2 ¼” at its widest, it is ¾” at its tallest – overall, a rather low-level profile so it is easy to wear without worry, but has a nice impact while on display.

While the costume jewelry/components are pre-owned vintage; some base cuff stock I use is new – in this case, I purchased a dozen of the cuffs (wish I’d acquired more, now that I see how well they work) from a jewelry trade dealer that acquires old warehouse stock… it is in Rhode Island and was so huge, we (I was at a vintage jewelry collector conference) were there for hours and wanted to stay longer! 

They have a website that is interesting to look through:  Wolf E. Myrow, Inc.   www.wolfemyrow.com



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