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Colorful Talavera Tile Cuff Bracelet


This colorful 2 x 2 inch tile reminds me of the 4 x 4 inch ceramic tiles that were inset the top of the little wood square table my grandmother used to entertain on her patio.  As a child, the table seemed just-my-size and I loved the bright tiles that felt cool and slick to touch.


This tile is wrapped in a woven glass seed bead ribbon and attached to a pewter toned metal cuff.  There is a tiny peewee clear amber glass marble along with some other vintage costume jewelry components on top as well as on the sides of the cuff.


It’s a simple beauty that is light weight, easy-to-wear and mold to the shape of your wrist.  Fun in the first degree!


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Talavera Pottery

…is recognized in the U.S. as brightly colored Mexico Folk Art.  The process to create this pottery is elaborate and it has basically not changed since the early colonial period when the craft was first introduced.  Today it must meet numerous standards to be approved as genuine Talavera.

Today, Talavera ceramic is mostly used to make utilitarian items such as plates, bowls, jars, flowerpots, sinks, religious items and decorative figures.  However, a significant use of the ceramic is for tiles, which are used to decorate both the inside and outside of buildings primarily in Mexico.  When it comes to bright colors, it is hard to beat this type of pottery!


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