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Mickey Mouse Wood Box | Art Assemblage


A mid-century 7” x 5” x 2.5” knotty pine box with a former 1980s brass belt buckle with a leather inset of Disney’s Cowboy Mickey Mouse is the centerpiece.

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This Mickey Mouse Wood Box makes the perfect gift! The original version of this cowboy Mickey is from 1934 and he was called, “Two-Gun Mickey” and was one of the different period/genres Disney put Mickey & Minnie appeared in.  However, with the political environment what it is these days, this version of the two would come under fire; guns & women’s rights, etc.  Funny how times have changed!  In Two Gun Mickey, independent cowgirl Minnie ends up in over her head when pursued by bandit Pete, so it’s up to Mickey to rescue her.  In addition, here is a link to more info about this version of Mickey.


I added a marble, and beads from a 1950s necklace, and some loose plastic beads, in a relatively low-level construction.  What’s more, this Mickey Mouse Wood Box was mad with over 50+ components. It is a lovely and unique vintage addition. Make it yours today!

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