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Two Gun Mickey Mouse Wood Box | Art Assemblage


A mid-century 7” x 5” x 2.5” knotty pine box with a former 1980s brass belt buckle with a leather inset of Disney’s Cowboy Mickey Mouse is the centerpiece –  I added a marble, and beads from a 1950s necklace, and some loose plastic beads, in a relatively low-level construction.   There are 50+ components are atop this box!

BTW, the original version of this cowboy Mickey is from 1934 and he was called, “Two-Gun Mickey” and was one of the different period/genres Disney put Mickey & Minnie appeared in… with the political environment what it is these days, this version of the two would come under fire; guns & women’s rights, etc.  Funny how times have changed!  Here is a link to more info about this version of Mickey https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0025926/reviews

Just to give you more ideas of what I can create for you!

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This Mickey Mouse Wood Box is uniquely decorated with over 50+ components and is a lovely and unique vintage addition.

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Here are a couple other boxes… for more information and pictures, just click on the photo.


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