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Mounted Knight Tartan Cuff


Yes, the image IS upside down… sometimes we see things we wouldn’t notice if it were right side up!  Don’t worry, other images are right size up.

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This Mounted Knight Tartan Cuff is a perfect addition to any collection.  It measures 2” at its widest. Therefore, this cuff will easily fit an 8”+ wrist.  My wrist is 6 ½”. What’s more, the cuff would be more stable if worn over a sleeve of a shirt or jacket.  This piece is part of my more modestly-priced-line of creations.

“Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool.  However, they now include many other materials. Tartan is usually associated with Scotland. For example, Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns.”

This cuff includes a silver tone plated metal figural of an armored, banner toting, horse back rider.  It is mounted 3-d style on a background of blue/green tartan fabric.  This creates a medallion (former vintage pin) flanked with molded plastic button (former earrings) with ST chain to help bind it to the cuff that had a unicorn on it (still visible from the bottom side) before I repurposed it into this new Mounted Knight Tartan Cuff creation!

These are original, however more simple in design and easy to wear. Some are on this site and some are on my Etsy site.  Just click on the image, and check ’em out!

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