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Primitive Couture Necklace Slate Wall Hanging


If Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble were to attend a runway couture fashion show, they would see models strutting their stuff in an accessory like this one!


The slice of slate has a flower, stem, and leaves carved into it and then lightly tinted with a chalky yellow and blue slate colors. I just thought it is such an interesting 7” x 3 ½” piece of rock, that I just had to find a use for it!

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This decorative slate wall hanging makes a unique gift for any interior space! It  includes tiny cobalt blue glass bugle beads, as well as some navy blue vintage buttons and earrings.   Look for a vintage marble and something that moves.  Sometimes it is something that dangles, but on this piece, it is caged beads.  Play “I Spy” and see if you can find them!

It makes a very interesting wall hanging in a sophisticated slate black, and, by the pound it is a heck of a deal!

The collar measures 9 1/2” at its widest, 7” deep centerpiece, and the black enameled chains add 22” (29” if worn) and also has a hook that allows for some adjusting for necklines; and is a sturdy hangar for the wall.

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