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Red Gold Couture Cuff


As legend has it, when Michaelangelo was queried about creating David from a block of marble, he replied, “Well, I knew he was in there, so I just carved away anything that wasn’t him.”  Supposedly, the block of marble he used was rejected by two other artists because it was not flawless.


Now, I am NOT comparing my art to Michaelangelo’s, but similarly I saw the fly in the vintage components before I started to assemble this cuff and I added parts until it showed up!

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This Red Gold Couture Cuff is a definite conversation starter!  Givenchy wings, Monet bug eyes, and a dangling proboscis of grape pearls, in addition to, white faux pearls and gold glass caviar to finish it off.  Originally it had a 1990s fragrance solid hidden beneath an oval marbled red glass cobochon attached to the top and hinged to open.

It has a lower profile – only ½” above the cuff surface.  From the eyes to the wing tips it is 3 1/8 inches.  The cuff is plated in a high shine gold tone and since I haven’t changed the original size and shape – it will fit the modern woman of today – say, 8 ½ to 9 ½ inch wrist.



By the way, in construction, I use tiny glass beads to make a paste called caviar to hide any glue, brass plate, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece –  it is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between the ordinary and EXCEPTIONAL.  You know, the difference between a gnat or a bumble bee… or giant red & gold FLY!

I educated myself by consuming the information of hundreds of books. Then started repairing old jewelry with an eye for restoration. Attending a Wendy Gell workshop with the intent of getting more skill with glues, I had a ball!  My friends were excited when they saw them, and exclaimed,  “Wow!”

Let’s build a one-of-a-kind art piece just for you.  If you have an object or pieces of memorabilia, I can create a custom item for you.  Contact me for details!  I specialize in handmade jewelry pieces made from upcycled designer vintage jewelry and costume jewelry.


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