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Vintage Pine Pitcher Art Couture Cuff


The centerpiece of this a light brown glazed ceramic miniature water pitcher with pine branches and an applied gold frosted pinecone.  Then added are repurposed vintage costume jewelry components: old clip on earrings, metallic glass button, coiled chain, glass and plastic beads from a 1950s broken necklace, cord embellished golden hoop earring, and… wait for it… one of my favorite components is an acorn cap I found when we were walking in a woods awhile back!


In addition to all that action are my signature items: vintage marble, a moving component that formerly was a dangle earring, glass caviar, and of course, and my brand/name tag is on the underside.


All components are affixed to a brass cuff and it measures 3 ¾” tall, 3 ½ across, and 2 ½” wide.

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Answers to common questions I am asked…

Marbles – I collected them as a kid – now they are useful as well as beautiful.

Caviar – I mix micro glass beads with glue to create a paste that enhances the appearance, but also adds strength to the construction.

Vintage components – They are earth friendly, repurposed/upcycled/recycled materials that are interesting to look at – 360 degrees worth on every cuff!  And… nothing can be found at Hobby Lobby nor Michael’s!

Do you really wear these – Yes!  Some are easy to wear with everyday outfits, but some are more for special occasions or display like any other small sculpture.

How long did it take to make this piece – Well, as an artist friend of mine says, “It’s taken me a 60+ years to get it completed!  That is the smart mouth answer – the one people are probably looking for… well, depends on how many pieces go on it, and whether it is falling together easily or being problematic – anywhere from 4 to 40 hours?!



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