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Progression of My Art Series – Part 1

Progression of My Art Series – Part 1

An early piece, “ORIENTAL SEAS”,  is in my private collection, I wear it of its color and textures.

The “Oriental Seas” started life as a pill box with an oriental lake with a swan serenely cruising it – I purposefully left the pill box structure apparent.  There are exotic fish, pearly sea flora, opaline touches, and cloisonné elephant accents.  Another reason I won’t sell it, is because my early construction was with hot glue… I have since rebuilt most of those pieces using more flexible and durable adhesive.  The other issue with this one is that it is rather unbalanced – I’d left the pill box showing because it is so pretty, but the whole piece has a lop-sided feel to me that isn’t in my more recent creations.









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