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For the moment, I was alone in my booth while at Las Cruces Fine Art Show, when a woman suddenly stopped and stared at a sculptural bird figurine bracelet I had displayed on a turn table.  She seemed mesmerized by it. 

              She exclaimed, “So many lives!” 

I wasn’t sure how to reply, so I explained, “I recycle vintage costume jewelry.”

She answered, “I know.  Each piece (on the cuff) represents a person that owned it!”

Wow!  I hadn’t thought of it that way before – there are over 100 items on that particular cuff.

She continued, “How did you make them all get along?!”

Now, I am really casting about in my mind how to address her thought process,

“Well, if it couldn’t get along with the others, it’s not on there.”

She says, “I can see that, but how did you do it?!”

Oh boy, now how do I answer that one?!  I could say something about the gift God has given me, or about the Holy Spirit, or simply that I don’t know; so, I said a flash prayer and answered,

“Well… I just ran it through the filter.”

She takes in my reply while never looking up from the little sculpture, pauses while nodding her head and finally says,

“Yes.  I guess that does explain it.”

Then, she looked in my booth (I had about 100 pieces on display) and hustles on past… she never set foot IN my booth. 

You know, with all those lives, I think she thought it was already too crowded!

For more information on this piece https://www.eyeimpactart.com/product/bird-in-the-bush/

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