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Repurposed Brown Bunnies Bracelet Cuff


Pink eyes and noses in the bushes with a stash of fruit and veggie beads made up from vintage costume jewel.  Every item is attached with a purpose – for instance, pinkish red beads placed in front of them to echo their eyes.


I have had the broken netted bead necklace for ages and wondered how/when I could use them – here they are adding texture and reminding me of fruit packed for sale at a fruit stand along side a road (maybe they are awaiting a chance to snatch some from farmer McGregor?!)

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All the components of this Brown Bunnies Bracelet Cuff are mounted atop a 3” brass cuff, edged with a gold tone plated rope chain and finished with glass caviar paste.

Another “bunny” cuff:  Bunny Deux in the Woods Art Couture Cuff; Vintage Rabbit Figurines

A word about my quality control… nearly everything I create has been dropped a number of times by the time it is finished!  Sometimes, it bounces on carpet from a height, sometimes several feet to a ceramic tile floor!  As you might imagine, that really tests the integrity of my construction.  If something breaks, I fix it, but you can be confident that it will stand up to gentle wearing.  You can wear them to a garden party, but not gardening – you can wear them to a baseball game, but not to play baseball.  You get the picture!  And, of course, they always look lovely just on display at home.

And, while not microwavable, or dishwasher safe, because of the glues and materials used, this Brown Bunnies Bracelet Cuff can handle a dunking in dishwater!  Or, use an old natural bristle makeup brush to “dust” the nooks and crannies.



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