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Large Dragon Ware Cuff


Loops & Hoops frame this Dragon Ware double handled vessel not only to enhance its beauty, but also as delicate guards to protect the porcelain dragon depiction.


Look at all different textures of each individual hoop; jade green glass marble, huge button with oriental looking lattice work, faux pearls in ivory and grays, and an abundance of vintage rhinestones!


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This Large Dragon Ware Cuff is a true statement piece!  It welcomes you to create a story out of your own imagination. Built on a 2” wide brass cuff, the sculpture rises 3”.  Therefore making the overall standing height 4 ¾” x 2 ½” x 3 ½”.  Designed to lay flat, the bottom edges will not catch on your clothing or things on your desk.  You will also notice the gray cording and shiny faux gray pearls.

While its taller stature lends it to its sculptural interest on display, it is wearable, too.

DRAGONWARE is a type of pottery called Moriage which has been produced for almost two centuries and is still in production.  The primary color is usually gray or black but can also be found in lavender pink, orange, blue or teal.  Applied in raised designs, the decorations are usually white.  However, there are also pink, aqua, and blue accents. 

Wouldn’t this Large Dragon Ware Cuff look great on display cluster of my dragon ware work!?  Everything looks better in clusters of three to five!

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